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Name:Reuben Saltzman
Company:Structure Tech Home Inspections
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Office:(952) 915-6466
Mobile:(612) 205-5600
Address:Minneapolis, MN, 55416
Description:Minneapolis Home Inspections, Truth-in-Housing Evaluations, Infrared Inspections. Minnesota State Certified Building Official Limited #MN2893, ASHI Certified Inspector.

About Us:

I'm an extremely detailed home inspector with a passion for my work.  I spend a good deal of my spare time working on houses or learning about houses.  I love teaching new buyers about their homes, and I always encourage my buyers to attend the entire inspection.  I'm a certified ASHI inspector, and I'm also a licensed Truth-in-Housing Evaluator in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and several other cities.

Areas of Expertise

I'm very well versed in building codes - I am a Minnesota State Certified Building Official, Limited #MN2893.  I know the housing codes for Minneapolis and Saint Paul in and out, and a large percentage of the homes I inspect are in those two cities.  I'm also very good at troubleshooting attic problems, especially when it comes to frost in attics and ice dams.