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Anti-Tip Brackets

baby at rangeA defect that home inspectors find at 49 out of 50  houses is a missing anti-tip bracket at the range.  An  anti-tip bracket is a device that is installed at the floor below the range or on the wall behind the range to keep it from tipping over, should a child attempt to climb on an open oven door.  Anti-tip brackets have been used on ranges since the late 1980s, and became mandatory in 1991.  This is an important safety feature, especially for homes where small children live or visit. 


To check your range to see if an anti-tip bracket has been properly installed, either look behind the range to see if it's there, or carefully tip the range forward to see if a bracket keeps it from tipping forward more than about 2".  If you don't have an anti-tip bracket installed, then your bracket has probably been thrown away - I happen to know that this happens most of the time!  To obtain a replacement bracket for your range, contact the manufacturer.  Click here for a list of phone numbers.

anti-tip bracket

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Comment balloon 5 commentsReuben Saltzman • February 25 2009 06:17AM


Reuben, this is a common find for home inspectors.  Problem is that folks don't realize how necessary it is to have one and I have seen many agents that do not know of their importance either.

Posted by Scott Patterson, ACI, Home Inspector, Middle TN (Trace Inspections, LLC) over 11 years ago

Another good tip.

Posted by Mike (Inspector Mike) Parks, Inspector Mike (Inspector Mike) over 11 years ago

I often hear from builders that the stove didn't come with one. I then show them the label on the oven door, and show them the page in the owner's manual.

Then I tell them to either go dig in the trash to find it, or maybe go down to Home depot and pick up another.

Posted by Jack Feldmann (Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.) over 11 years ago



Mandatory in what States and Municipalities since 1991? I've bought 3 homes since then and none have had an anti-tip device installed with the stove.

Posted by mark turner almost 11 years ago

Mark - they're mandatory in every state and municipality that has adopted the National Electric Code.  The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) implemented this change in 1991.   According to a document put out by AHAM,  "The National Electrical Code indicates that listed and labeled products shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling."  You can read the full document here

You say you've bought three houses and none have had anti-tip brackets?  I'm not surprised.  If you buy 47 more houses, 1 of them will have an anti-tip bracket, according to my estimates :)

Posted by Reuben Saltzman, Delivering the Unbiased Truth. (Structure Tech Home Inspections) almost 11 years ago